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Tips for Campus Safety at Shippensburg

SHIPPENSBURG – Shippensburg university student Megan Houser was reported missing this week. Thankfully she was found a few hours later and is back safe with her family. This incident serves as a good reminder of how careful students must be on a college campus. With a robbery this week and a missing person, Shippensburg students should take extra precaution. These incidents are good reminders never walk alone at night or leave doors and windows unlocked.

Cynthia Grissom, Chief of Police at Shippensburg University says that “if you’re traveling at night you don’t want to be by yourself, it’s best to go with a group. Be aware of your surroundings. Be aware if there is anything suspicious or concerning; if there is call the police department.”

You can register someone as your emergency contact in case you go missing. If that is a friend you come in here and the Shippensburg police will look it up and say that you are registered with that person and can report them as missing. If a friend other than that comes in the police will still look into it.
If you see any suspicious activity always call the S.U. police at (717)477-1444 or you can use the blue emergency phones located throughout the campus. The police department is open 24 hours a day.

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