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SU Homecoming Recap

SHIPPENSBURG – Shippensburg University celebrated its annual homecoming last week, bringing back many of the universities proud alumni. Highlights of the week included the king and queen coronation ceremony and the candidates fundraising efforts for the boys and girls club of Shippensburg and Chambersburg.

“What the club does is it actually helps elementary school children, and children that are fairly young that are impoverished. it gives them a place to go after school, they have afterschool programs to help them do homework, get exercise and have fun with some of their friends,” said homecoming queen Nicole Nicholson.

Nicole was skeptical about her odds of winning the crown. She was excited to participate in homecoming court events, and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

“Going into the week I was kind of nervous about it, I didn’t think I was until I got onto the field. But I never expected to win.”

She humbly accepted the possibility of losing to one of her fellow candidates

“I just don’t like to get my hopes up too much I guess,” Nicholson said. “It was just one of those things where going into it, and I said no matter what happens I’m going to be happy with the results. Because I had a good experience, and I know that anyone who won was well-deserving of it.”

As the homecoming queen, Nicole shared some advice for future court members.

“Enjoy the experience; you’re never going to get another chance like it. Make sure to have fun, enjoy yourself. Work as a group with the rest of the homecoming court to do some fundraising because you are going to make some memories that will last a lifetime.”

Thanks to the efforts of the homecoming court, the committee raised $10,500 for the boys and girls club of Chambersburg & Shippensburg.

If you would like to donate, visit


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