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Armed Robbery On Fort St. in Shippensburg PA

SHIPPENSBURG – Shippensburg police are still investigating an armed robbery that occured at a home on Fort St. in Shippensburg late monday night. A bat and handgun were used in the robbery, but the motives of the robbers is still unclear.

According to borough police, are still searching for three suspects involved in the robbery Monday night. Two men entered the home on fort street after a female suspect said she needed help. After when the suspects tried to flee, a struggle followed ensued in the yard with the victims. This is when a gun was fired.

A witness was on the phone with her roomate at the time when the scene unfolded. She stated that someone was hitting the pitbulls with what looked like to be a baseball bat and saw someone take off and run to the left. By the time she saw someone hit the stop sign a gun went off and the suspects then fled up a side alley along the house before police arrived.

She also stated that incidents like these are becoming frighteningly frequent.

Police stated that a person of interest in the case has been brought in for questioning.

Anyone with information regarding the robbery is asked to contact Shippensburg Borough Police at (717)-238-9676.

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