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Veggies and Tofu Fight for Vegan Friendly Competition

SHIPPENSBURG- Dining options can be tough for vegans when they are away from home. Shippensburg has improved the vegan and vegetarian options over the past four years and the feedback the University has gotten back is all positive. Nick Iula, director of dining services, is vegan himself and is proud of all the hard work Ship has put into their vegan food and serving at least one vegan entree at every meal. Ship got a grade A from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, commonly known as PETA, in its ranking of vegan offerings at colleges. Shippensburg is among 1,100 other colleges in the United States to earn an A grade.

Ship is in a March Madness competition of vegan friendly food. Shippensburg has made it past round one and is onto round two. Ship is putting up the Vietnamese tofu. Ship’s biggest challenger is Wesleyan University and their Barbecue Seitan. If you would like to vote round two starts Monday February 23rd. Voting for round two ends March 4th. While round three will start Monday, March 9th until Wednesday, March 18th. Round four will start Monday, March 23rd and ends April 1st.

To vote click the tap that says small U.S schools and vote for Shippensburg by registering your email. The winning school will be announced April 6th.

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