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From stand to restaurant, Ship serves up burritos

The “Burrito Man” is back in town

March 23, 2015 | Updated: March 25, 2015 5:06 p.m.

By: Andrew P. Robinson | ar7358@

100 E King Street Shippensburg, PA 17257

Polly and Stone Restaurant 100 E King Street Shippensburg, PA 17257 Credit: Google Maps

SHIPPENSBURG- After a Saturday night of letting loose, Ship students turn to “The Burrito Stand” to serve them up a hot and tasty burrito, nachos or soft pretzel.

“It’s become a staple of Shippensburg,” Senior Bree Wallen said. “After a long week of exams and studying I just want a burrito.”

The stand normally sits next to Richard Ave. However, there has been much controversy lately on whether the stand will come out of hibernation after winter. The owner of the stand and new restaurant says the truck will be back on the street when spring arrives.

“We are still doing the stand, but the weather and other issues haven’t permitted,” they said.

The stand has expanded to a newly opened restaurant on King Street called Polly and Stone. The restaurant serves up most of the same items but has a larger menu that includes strombolis, quesadillas and guacamole.

A well known item at the stand is fresh baked pretzels. They are made from scratch with all-natural ingredients and are hand-rolled.

“The pretzels are actually one of my favorite items at the burrito stand. They are tasty and buttery,” Wallen said.

For the complete menu and more details, visit their website.

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