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Radio Revamp

New and improved student radio WSYC

By: Tom Calimer- @tc7272,


There is an abundance of student run groups on Shippensburg’s campus. These groups give students work experience and an opportunity to explore their interests. One of the communication/journalism department’s student media groups is WSYC. WSYC is the university’s very own radio station. This group is dedicated to broadcasting music, sports and news to the University and surrounding areas.

WSYC currently has over thirty DJs that go on air to entertain the masses. Until recently the station lacked a Public Relations Director. Shippensburg University’s own Matthew Trust has stepped up and taken the reigns in regards to WSYC’s PR position.

Since the beginning of the semester in late January Trust has made his presence known in the WSYC community. “We just want to give back to our DJs and our listeners,” P.R. Director Matthew Trust said. “We want our DJs to invite people to call in or offer special giveaways to our listeners. Also getting our DJs bios is a must for the stations website, we want our listeners to know who they are tuning in to.” From ideas of DJs promoting the station with giveaways to revamping the station’s mobile app and website, Trust has begun to improve many aspects of WSYC.

From music to sports to news, WSYC is the place for you. Tune in to 88.7 and hear what this student media group has to offer. For requests you can call 717-447-1480.

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