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Proposed tuition increase hits home for students

Students talk out

March 16, 2015

By Andrew P. Robinson | ar7358

SHIPPENSBURG –Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania is waiting approval of a new per-credit tuition program instituted by the Board of Governors.

Many students believe the new rate will affect the number of credits they will take per semester.

“I may only be able to take 12 credits next semester because paying for 15 would be too expensive,” Maria Groft, a first semester senior said.

The new tuition rate would be charge $264 per credit as opposed to a flat rate of $3,410 flat-rate. Those taking any more than 12 credits would end up paying more. For example, 15 credits would increase the current tuition by more than $550, a concern to Groft and other students.

“I don’t see the need to charge students more, we already pay enough for being a state school,” Groft said.

If this plan is adopted, it will join the likes of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Millersville University.

Mary Stewart, senior at Millersville University said the changes have a big impact on her. “I already pay enough for tuition and even pay for things in tuition that I do not use, like the fitness fee. It’s ridiculous if I want to take 15 credits, I end up paying more,” Stewart said.

Stewart said she feels as if she’s being penalized to take 15 credits. Those two take 12 credits and may eventually end up dropping a class will revert to part-time status and risk losing any financial aid they have on their account.

The plan for Shippensburg has not been approved. A decision is expected soon and is slated to begin for the fall 2015 semester.

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