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Women’s Empowerment Breakfast Series

Connecting with women in your career

Updated: Wednesday, March 30, 2015, 11:00am

By: Erynn Molettieri

Shippensburg- Every year, the director of the Career Center, Victoria Kerr, and the director of the Women’s Center, Stephanie Erdice, partner together to create the Women’s Breakfast Empowerment series. The event is held once every month and the breakfast for March is coming up tomorrow, Tuesday March 31st.

The seminar connects students with professional women in careers like business and human services. In a supportive environment, Women share the challenges of entering the workforce and challenges professional women continue to face.

Shippensburg University junior, Brittany Kluck, believes “it is important to attend the empowerment breakfast because it gives me motivation to keep learning. Hearing from women in my career that have been where I am reminds me I can be successful too.”

Brooke Deschenes from the Career Center wants to remind students the opportunity is not only for women of the university but men are also encouraged to attend.

Women speakers will also be attending and discussing their careers. The Career Center is hoping to have women from many different career paths to make sure there is someone to answer all of the student’s questions.

“Different speakers will be attending to discuss their struggles being in the workforce, how they got started, and if they encountered any adversity because of their gender and how they overcome it.”

The breakfast is 8:30-11am in the Career Center, CUB 108. The breakfast is free, but seats are limited so RSVP by logging into SHIP Career Connection.

Contact the Career Center for more information at 717-477-1484 or

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