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Redefining the F-Word

Spawning Pool will publish feminist poetry in this years edition

April 7,2015

IMG_7941 “Hi, my name is Hannah, I am a feminist.” Hannah Carroll is not messing around, the co-editor of The Spawning Pool’s new poetry issue. She and her co-editor, Crystal Conzo, are trying to re-define Ship’s campus view on feminism and women’s rights by picking a feminist theme for this year’s edition of Spawning Pool.

The idea for a feminist themed issue came from a poem submitted to The Reflector, Shippensburg yearly literary magazine, “A Memoir of Cat-Calling” by junior and first-time submitter, Katie Miller. The entire Spawning Pool staff responded to the poem believing it would move readers. Miller wrote the poem “in the hopes that other women could relate”, she believes that her experiences with objectification are stories worth sharing. Carroll believes the feminist theme is so important to discuss because so many people identify with gender inequality and they hope to spread the message.

Conzo hopes this book can empower women and give feminism “a new kind of voice”. Feminist poetry isn’t just for women. Men can be the biggest advocates for women. Conzo and Carroll hope the book creates a climate of inclusion for equality of the sexes.

The feminist themed Spawning Pool will be available to students after The Reflector launch party on April 23rd at 7:00 in Spiritual Center,

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