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Equal Pay Day

Ship Campus participates in National Equal Pay Day

By: Tom Calimer


IMG_20150414_204024          IMG_20150414_204007          IMG_20150414_203942

Equal pay day is a date that symbolizes how far into the next year a woman must work to get the same pay men earned the previous year. For 2015 its April 14th. Established by the National Committee on Pay Equality in 1996, this day is a staple in pay awareness for wages between the sexes. Shippensburg University has been raising awareness for equal pay day since April of 2008.

“It is something me and my classmates all feel strongly about,” senior Kira Piper said. “We have been making flyers and hashtag posts on social media to spread awareness.”

According to President Obama, women only make 77 cents for every dollar a male makes. It can get even lower for a woman of color. The National Committee on Equal Pay online has many options and steps you can take to get involved and help make a change.

“Just wearing red on Tuesday will show that you are in support for our cause,” Piper said. “We know a change needs to be made and any little thing we do will help.

Shippensburg students are encouraged to wear red on Tuesday April 14th, and use the hashtag “#Ship4EqualPay” on their personal social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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