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Back in Action

Tim Tebow has signed with the Eagles

By: Tom Calimer


Tebow 2

The wait is over. Monday April 20th marked the return of Tebow-Time. The former first round pick by the Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow has not thrown for a touchdown since 2011, and played his last starting NFL game in 2012 with the New York Jets. Now he will test his luck with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles already have what seems to be their starting quarterback in Sam Bradford, who in 2014 tore his ACL before the season even began. With Bradford still rehabbing from that injury, their second at the helm is Mark Sanchez. Sanchez started nine games in 2014 with a 64.1 completion percentage and a 14-11 touchdown/interception ratio. Matt Barkley is third in line for the Eagles QB squad and will be clawing up from the bottom just to make the roster. “It is good to see the Eagles making some moves this offseason,” Former quarterback and Shippensburg Alumni Michael Joseph said. “My only real question is whether or not he will able to play, or even make the team.”

Tebow has had a following since he was a college player with the Florida Gators. He has brought attention and publicity to all of the teams he has been a part of in his three year career. With 35 games played, a 47.9 completion percentage and a 17-9 touchdown/interception ratio in his stint as a starting QB, he has been far from a home run. Leaving the NFL in 2013 with a quarterback rating of 33.4 and a failed preseason with the New England Patriots, Tebow found his way to ESPN’s SEC Network as a football analyst.

Tebow has spent the past two years working with Tom Brady’s personal quarterback coach Tom House. House has mentioned improvements in Tebow’s play. There is no clear cut QB starter for the Eagles as of now, but Tebow will definitely have to prove himself just to make the team. “I hope he can succeed,” Said Joseph. “It is definitely going to be fun to watch if he does get to play.”

For more information on Tim Tebow’s stats check out his player profile on ESPN. For stats on other free agents or your favorite football team check out the NFL homepage online.


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