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Shippensburg becomes more GLBT friendly

What the University is doing to help everyone find their comfort zone

By Andrew P. Robinson | ar7358
4/16/2015 | Updated May 1, 2015

Shippensburg- Shippensburg University is working on becoming more GLBTfriendly according to Dr. Jody Harpster, university president.

“I think there is certainly many things yet to be done on this campus not only for persons of difference, if you consider GLBT students in that regard, but persons of color as well,” he said.

Changes for more inclusiveness are on the way. The campus is adding transgender bathrooms for someone who is transitioning gender and safe zones around campus where students can feel comfortable. The GLBT Concerns Committee is at the forefront of these changes and additions.

“I think Shippensburg is a welcoming place (for students) and you have to find where you fit in or where you are welcome,” Emilee Danielson-Burke, a GLBT Concerns Committee member, said. “I think there are valid concerns about perceptions or ways they (GLBT students) may be treated.”

Danielson-Burke says by being on the committee she hears what issues are impacting students. “Most of the concerns we hear in our committee from students are the way most students feel; they want to feel safe, they want to feel included and they want to feel like they have a voice at the table when their needs and challenges are addressed,” she added.

The committee is working on is safe zone training, too. It helps individuals who are interested in being allies to those who identify as GLBT. It provides students with a short training so they can assist students who are facing challenges or help them feel more accepted.

One transgender bathroom is in the CUB and other locations across campus. Other locations a student would like to see a transgender bathroom on campus, contact the GLBT concerns committee.

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