Join us every Thursday at 7p.m. Campus 82/Comcast 21.

Ski the Slopes with Shippensburg University’s Ski and Snowboard Club

The Shippensburg University Ski and Snowboard Club is anticipating a winter full of fun while skiing and snowboarding together. The club strongly encourages members to purchase a Night Club Card, which gives athletes access to unlimited skiing from 4-10 PM at Whitetail Resort, Liberty Mountain and Roundtop Mountain. The cards are being offered at a discounted price of $184, if they are purchased by November 4.

The Ski and Snowboard Club encourages everyone to come out and try the snow sports, even if they are beginners. The members want to help new people learn how to ski and snowboard. They are even willing to lend their equipment, so that new people can learn if they like it before they invest money into equipment.

A perk of being in the Ski and Snowboard Club is that they take a trip every year to go away and explore new mountains. This year’s trip is to Sugarloaf, Maine.

For more information on the Ski and Snowboard Club, email Matt Molnar at

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  1. Ski the Slopes with Shippensburg University’s Ski and Snowboard Club – Marina Barnett

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