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Stan Honda comes to Shippensburg

SHIPPENSBURG- Though most of the students on campus were just children when he snapped his most famous photo. Stan Honda has Ship’s students attention this week. Stan Honda has 34 years of experience in the field and he gave some of that knowledge to Ship students. “Learning how to tell a story through pictures is pretty important to get that progression of story telling.” ,Honda stated. When it comes to seeing tragic events Honda recommends trying to stay detached as possible from the subject. He has traveled to Haiti when the earthquake struck in 2010 and saw a lot of awful conditions.
 Honda worked for the Associated French Press (AFA) and traveled all over the world to take photos for news, politics, sports and human interest stories and much more.
One of the hardest things for him to photograph is peoples grief he said. His most popular photo of the dust women from 9/11 his is most proud piece of work because of the attention it got.
 Honda personal projects include: night time photography, documenting U.S concentration camps where Japanese Americans were held during World War II.
He has worked as an artist-in-residence at four national parks: Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Wupatki in Arizona and Rocky Mountain in Colorado.
Honda also lives in New York so sometimes photographing the night time sky can be a little difficult with all the lights. Whenever he gets the chance he travels to photography the night time sky and landscape. He recently went to north pole to photograph the eclipse and the aurora borealis.

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