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Ready for the Real World

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SHIPPENSBURG- The day all seniors have either been waiting for or terrified for is getting close. Brandi Keppel is looking to graduation with a mix of anticipation and fear, “I’m really nervous about graduating and actually having to face going out into the real world cause you’re here in Shippensburg and it’s sorta like a bubble.” Keppel, a biology major, has done a few research classes to prepare for graduation. She is even debating going to grad school.

Help is here, the Career Community and Engagement Center (CCEC) offers help to students to prepare for graduation. Assistant Director of CCEC, Sarah McDowell, says the CCEC is just one of the sources of help, “you have access to the Career Community and Engagement Center, you have access to your faculty to your advisors, you have access to alumni, people who have come before you and have successful jobs, start looking at that and start making a plan.” McDowell also says setting up an appointment with CCEC is the first step to making a plan. You can get advice on how to make a resume, what kind of jobs you should search for and much more. Try to make yourself a plan and you will be on the right track for gradation and finding a job.

         Brandi’s Advisor, Biology professor, Dr. Paulson,  suggested she do some networking, have her transcripts ready after graduation and go online to as many job sites she can access.
To set up an appointment with the CCEC click here. 

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