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The Little Princess Playhouse

Ship Students Prepare to Take the Stage

November 19, 2015

By: Marina Barnett

SHIPPENSBURG—Members of the Little Princess Playhouse are preparing to perform a double-feature of Cinderella and Snow White. Many of the members are Elementary Education majors, and take the class in hopes of gaining experience by performing in front of children.

Kids sit on the floor while they watch the students act on a small stage right in front of them. They are so close that they can make eye contact and occasionally even interact with the performers.

Dr. Paul and his wife Professor Gretchen Leitner started the class as an experiment seven years ago when they saw that there was a need for local children’s theater. They realized that the closest theater for children was over half-an- hour away from the Shippensburg area. That’s when they hatched the idea for the class to reach out to the community and to give students a feel for being in front of a little audience.

The Little Princess Playhouse is special to many students because they continue to come back and participate in the shows once they are finished with the class. On average, Dr. Leitner says he will have twenty students in his class and an additional fifteen previous students who want to do it all over again. This year marks a special celebration as they perform their twenty-fifth show.

Students will perform on Saturday, November 21 and December 5 at 10:00 and 11:30 AM. Ticket are available for $4 at the door.

Stewart Hall

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  1. The Little Princess Playhouse – Marina Barnett

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