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Life Abroad

SHIPPENSBURG- For Ashon Rolle, a transfer student from the Bahamas, the transition to his new life abroad has been simple. After discovering Shippensburg University through his older brother and doing research on the internet, Ashon decided Ship would be the best place to pursue his life goals. He wants to be an athletic trainer. Ashon believes he could help professional athletes or up and coming stars through out the college level.

Ashon’s outgoing personality and contagious smile have helped him make friends at Ship. Ashon spends most of his time with Jeremy Flick, a senior and member of the dance team here at Ship. Jeremy and Ashon met while in the Ship Rec practicing one of their favorite passions, dance. “I was in here dancing one day and Ashon rolled up with a couple of his friends and asked if we could dance together and we were just hanging out. Meeting Ashon 3 years later when I’m a senior was like a dream come true cause I had that bond with somebody who could relate to the more hard hitting style of dance and so ethnically it’s cool too cause we’re both from different backgrounds and different cultures and I think we can learn a lot from each other not just through dance, but we both have different styles and were brought up differently and through that diversity brings people together and helps you to understand each other and be more empathetic towards culture,” Jeremy said. “I’ve been dancing since I was 5. Basically I do a lot of choreographed dance routines from Tyler Perry’s movies and plays. I got serious with dance when I was 13 and I auditioned for a dance group in the Bahamas. Unfortunately I didn’t make it, but I still got trained in Bale, ballroom dancing, and hip hop,” Ashon said. Dancing helps Ashon relax and step away from a busy schedule, something he believes he wouldn’t have if he had never come abroad.

Although he has only been at Shippensburg for a year Ashon is involved on campus. He is in clubs and soccer and on international student committee. Ashon knows his real responsibilities lie in doing the best he can while at Ship so that he can take full advantage of the opportunity of studying abroad at an American University. “My (motivation comes from) family and my culture cause I represent my family first so like I’m always thinking about the name I have, I’m a Rolle so I got to remember my family’s back home being supportive. And plus I’m the only Bohemian here so if I messed up or do anything that’s not Bohemian like they’re like the kid from the Bahamas student at Shippensburg University messed up so that means the whole Caribbean is wrong so I have a lot of motivation from my country and my family,” Ashon said. Family and friends back home are a big influence on Ashon and give him the motivation to want to succeed.

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