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Living-Learning Community

SHIPPENSBURG- Living-Learning Communities or known as LLC unite people with a common interest. The LLC is a group of students on the same floor that share a academic or social interests. College is a major transition when leaving home so Ship decided to start the LLC to make students feel comfortable in there new dorm.

The current Academic LLC’s Ship offers are

  • Biology
  • CS & Engineering Deck
  • Discover SU
  • Grove Start-Up
  • Honors

Current interest communities include

  • Engaging Service through Action
  • Healthy Living
  • Leadership
  • Ship Transfer students

New communities for the 2016-2017 year are future educators, and ROTC/ Veterans.

With all the great opportunities to meet new people one R.A Alexa Moran for the engaging service through action floor volunteers with her residents at Shippensburg Farm, and the Shippensburgs Produce and outreach (SPO). “Live with them on the same floor, get to know them, hang out with them while doing something that we all love is an experience I’ll never forget.” Moran and her residents go for two hours every week and help hand out food to local families at the SPO.

The engaging service LLC is providing a lot of other opportunities as well. They are looking for more places to help lend a hand. They plan on helping animal shelters, local fire companies, and Kings Kettle.

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