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SU professor makes New York Times bestseller list

The New York Times debuted a best-selling author for e-books this week featuring English professor Dr. Kim van Alkemade.
By: Julia Wiegand

Shippensburg–Dr. Kim van Alkemade’s fictional, historical novel inspired by true events, “Orphan #8,” published in August. The Times’ bestseller list for e-books has it, where else, but at #8.

Dr. Kim van Alkemade
“It’s about a girl who’s placed in a Jewish orphanage in New York in 1918 where the doctors are conducting medical research using the children as their subjects…but years later when this woman’s working as a nurse, the doctor who experimented on her becomes her patient and so she has the chance to either take revenge or find it in herself to forgive, and you have to read to the end to find out which it is.”
The book’s being translated into 11 languages including Spanish, Japanese, Romanian, Portuguese, Norwegian and Dutch. Other upcoming events are listed on her website and Facebook page

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