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How Alcohol Impacts Weight

By: Amanda Trievel

Your body has a set number of calories needed to maintain the average weight, which is based off of height, age, gender and activity level. So when you consume more calories than your body needs you gain weight. Alcohol is one way you can increase your weight gain. College students tend to gain weight when they enter college or also known as the “freshmen 15”. Going out on the weekends drinking too much alcohol can be where some of the weight comes from.  According too USA today, Some weight gain in college is due to growth and adulthood but a lot of it may be from changes like eating habits, decrease in physical activity and drinking too much alcoholic beverages especially beer. College students have a lot of stress and unfortunately turn to food. Also not getting enough sleep can impact how much they eat.

According to drink aware, a glass of wine can have the same calories as four cookies. Or a large pint of lager is calorific equivalent to a slice of pizza. Calories in alcohol are extra- fattening due to alcohol is made by fermenting and distilling natural starch and sugar. Being high in sugar means it contains lots of calories. Calories from alcohol serve no purpose in nutritional value. Drinking alcohol also reduces the amount of fat your body burns for energy. We can store protein, carbohydrates and fat in our bodies but can’t store alcohol. The stomach then tries to break it down first since there is no room for it to be stored.


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There are many ways to cut back on your calorie intake but one good way is to drink water in-between drinks helps reduce your calorie intake but also helps to reduce the amount of units you’re drinking.



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