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Staying Fit in College

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By: Amanda Trievel

SHIPPENSBURG- College students gain freedom their first year coming to college and your eating habits might be affecting you more than you know. Students can eat what they want when they want so this could be a start of a  serious problem. Dr. Braun, a exercise science professor, believes students think they are invincible with food but it will hurt them later in life, “College students know there is a risk in gaining weight but they don’t look at the ramifications when they do gain weight. Ramifications don’t show up until later in life typically when you say oh I got hypertension I got high cholesterol  didn’t think that could happen to me.”

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Colleen Driscoll is one student who is preventing this from happening to her. She started working out in the Summer and has lost weight since she started eating healthy and working out 3 to 4 times a week.

Dining halls try to provide healthy alternatives like cheese-less pizza but some students find it hard to eat a healthy and nutritious meal. Other ways to a healthy lifestyle include sleep, and socialization. According to National Sleep Foundation the average amount of sleep for 18 to 25 year old is seven to nine hours of sleep.

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