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Nuclear Bomb and Social Utopia Speaker Comes to Shippensburg

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Dr. Kate Brown comes to Ship

February 25, 2016

By: Marina Barnett

SHIPPENSBURG—The Diggin’ History series is bringing Dr. Kate Brown to Shippensburg tonight. Dr. Brown, a professor at the University of Maryland, is one of the most well-known environmental historians in the world.

Her talk will focus on her book Plutopia. Her research talks about major environmental problems with radiation and she crosses national boundaries by examining both Russian and American utopias formed during the Cold War. The utopias were designed to protect middle class citizens from radiation exposure due to the plutonium production.

She talks not only about the protected in these “plutopias,” but also about the lower class citizens who were not protected. Migrants, lower class construction workers, and peasants were exposed to the elements and used as experiments to learn the effects of radiation. Dr. Brown highlights the injustices these people faced.

“Plutopia: Making Nuclear Bombs & Social Utopias” takes place tonight at 7:30 PM in the Old Main Chapel.

The Diggin’ History series aims to cover both local and world history. All students as well as the community are invited to attend. Future events include a talk by Dr. Gretchen Pierce about Alcohol and Nationalism in Latin America.

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  1. Nuclear Bomb and Social Utopia Speaker Comes to Shippensburg – Marina Barnett

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