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Local Chocolate in Chambersburg

Nathan Miller’s Chocolate

March 15, 2016

By: Marina Barnett

CHAMBERSBURG—Hershey’s Chocolate world had a lasting impact on entrepreneur Nathan Miller as a young boy, “I remember at the end we would get candy, and I would go circles to get handfuls of candy, and I think that was the start right there.”

He practiced with many pastry chefs from all over the world to perfect his craft, but he kept going back to making one thing… chocolate. Starting out small in his basement while living in Colorado, Miller began making chocolate and selling it to his friends. Once he decided he could make a business out of it, he moved back to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania to “take the plunge.”

His chocolate business is gaining momentum, receiving multiple awards, including the 2015 and 2016 “Good Food Awards” and ranking five out of eight in the New York Times Bean to Bar chocolate. The awards help the staff remember that their hard work is worth it.

Nathan Miller Chocolate Bar

Miller enjoys experimenting with different flavors of chocolate. He makes a buttermilk bar, which is tangier than a chocolate bar made with whole milk. He also offers a gingerbread bar (the recipient of the 2016 Good Food Award) year round. He plays with different percentages and thinks that white chocolate will be made in the near future.

Chocolate isn’t the only thing you’ll find there to satisfy your sweet tooth. The café is filled with classic French pastries like cream puffs, eclairs, macaroons and cupcakes. They also offer different flavored coffees and tasty lattes.

Nathan Miller’s Chocolate is located in Chambersburg and open from 7 am- 9 pm on Monday through Sunday.

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  1. Local Chocolate in Chambersburg – Marina Barnett

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