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Responsible Raiders take on the PLCB

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board invited Responsible Raiders to the 2016 Alcohol Education Conference

IMG_1574 (1)

GETTYSBURG–The Responsible Raiders faced the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board on Tuesday, March 21 at the 2016 Alcohol Education Conference in Gettysburg. The organization used their invitation from Fall 2015 to present on “Students Responding to AOD Issues: Developing Community-Based Responses” during Day One of the two-day conference at the Wyndham Gettysburg Hotel. What they were not expecting were the additional 30+ attendees to their original estimate of 20 to hear them out on what being a Responsible Raider is all about.

The organization plans to visit other Pennsylvania schools that they spoke with such as Millersville, Clarion, Bloomsburg, California, Franklin & Marshall, LaSalle, and Gettysburg to share ideas.

The executive board members that presented for Responsible Raiders included: President Alex Cooper, Vice President of Off-Campus Students Julia Wiegand, Vice President of On-Campus Students Brian Ochs, Treasurer Natalie Sorber, Media Coordinator Alston Smith, and Dr. Ann Wendle as their adviser.


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