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The Clothesline Project Hangs Violence Out to Dry

T-shirts hang in CUB to show support for domestic violence survivors.

By: Julie Ratcliffe


SHIPPENSBURG- April is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the Women’s Center is showing their support of violence survivors. In partnership with Wilson College and Women in Need, The Women’s Center brought The Clothesline Project to campus.

The Clothesline Project is a nationally recognized movement that encourages victims of violence to create T-shirts that tell their story. The shirts are then hung in a public place so people can see a physical representation of a serious problem.

Jayme Nichols is the Women’s Center 2016 intern, a self-described event planner for the organization. Nichols thinks this project is a passive way for onlookers to be a part of the movement. Contrary to big events that offer an hour of education, the T-shirts let people “walk by it for a whole week and…take all the time that you need”.

These T-shirt are a simple way for victims to heal their wounds and make step towards becoming a survivor. Nichols says a lot of the pain becomes internalized after the violence and the shirts are “physical representation” of that violence.

The T-shirts will remain hanging for the rest of the week. For more information about the Women’s Center or their events, visit . If you are or know of someone who is a victim of violence please call the Domestic Violence Hotline:  1-800-799-7233.


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