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GlowRage Replaces Raiderfest

GlowRage paints a new picture at Shippensburg University.

April 21, 2016

By: Julia Wiegand


SHIPPENSBURG–Assistant Director for APB Sam Frushour broke decades of tradition this year by trading Raiderfest for GlowRage.

“Raiderfest went away from our fundamental purpose of APB as a social programming body for students…and Raiderfest became really an outdoor children’s fair.”

GlowRage gave APB the chance to bring the intent of the party back to the students…paint party that is.

To watch the trailer of what to expect, click here!

“It’s better serving the need of a late night activity that doesn’t involve alcohol that we can have positive social behavior and still have a wild crazy time while we’re doing it.”

GlowRage will be held in the CUB MPR tomorrow night from 9-1AM. Don’t forget about black lights and paint! Rage in a white T-shirt and whatever else you don’t mind getting water-soluble paint all over! Entry is free. First 200 get a GlowRage T-shirt and the first 1,000 get a pair of shudder shades. One lucky rager will win 2 Beyonce tickets in Hershey! General public can enter if accompanied by a Ship student.


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