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Student Leaders Roll Out Wheelchair Project


APB Sponsors Day-long Event to Raise Awareness

April 21, 2016

By: Marshall Keely

SHIPPENSBURG – Student leaders from around Shippensburg University took part in the APB’s wheelchair project on Wednesday. Participants gave up walking and used a wheelchair as their sole mode of transportation from class to class. The project was initiated to raise awareness to the inaccessible nature of the campus.

Resident Assistant Alexa Moran spoke of some of the obstacles faced throughout her day in the wheelchair. “Getting into classrooms is definitely a challenge,” Moran said. “The doors aren’t as big as they seem and [it’s hard] just trying to find a place in the classroom where you’re still a part of the classroom, but not totally being disruptive.”

Resident Assistant Grant Henry expressed a similar sentiment when describing his experience. “I got a cup of coffee but I realized that I couldn’t carry the cup of coffee with one hand and I spilled it all over myself,” said Henry.

The participants effectively conveyed their message as they traveled around campus. Many students approached the participants to inquire about the reason behind being in a wheelchair during my interviews with the APB members. When asked, they always responded with fervor and purpose. “It really focuses on bringing light to how inaccessible campus is and how hard it is for anybody with a physical disability to get around,” said Moran.

The day was capped off with an evening event in the MPR which acted as a debrief on the takeaways of the project. Participating students were able to share their observations and encounters as well as examine the condition of campus as far as handicap accessibility. Project organizers hope to facilitate change and open student’s eyes to the reality that many face on a daily basis.





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