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FUSE hosts end of the year celebration in Quad

 End of Semester Celebrations
April 27, 2016
By: Ray Schungel
Quad-Fest photo
SHIPPENSBURG – As finals week draws closer, special occasions like Quad-Fest are impossible to ignore. On Wednesday FUSE hosted Quad-Fest, an end of the semester celebration which had students and faculty alike flocking to the Quad for fun, mingling and free food.
“It’s just to celebrate the end of the year, um to love on our campus, just invite people out. Finals are happening, people are stressed and we just want to brighten up people’s faces, uh give them free food and yeah just have a good time with them and celebrate.” said Fuse’s President, Andrew Thiel.
There was no shortage of games at Quad-Fest. The grassy field was devoted to playing frisbee. Games such as spike-ball and cam-jam and other yard games wee available to everyone so they could have some relaxation before finals week. Wednesday’s Quad-Fest will hopefully be the first of many. Only time will if it is here to stay.

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