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On- Campus Becomes Off

Stone Ridge Commons looks a little different this year

April 27, 2016

By: Eric Davies

Stone Ridge

Getting housing in stone ridge commons has always been a little confusing, but hopefully this helps clear things up. For the 2016-17 academic year, living in Stone Ridge Commons is both an on campus and off campus option.

“Next year, in the fall of 2016, the residence hall association will co-manage stone ridge commons with the university foundation. We are going to host students living in the first and half of the second floors, and the university foundation will have students living in half the second, the third, and the fourth floor,” Bill Yost, Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life, told us.

The University Foundation will take over the entire building starting in the fall of 2017, but they have already started making some changes. The Foundation has renovated all of the rooms that they are managing with new paint, furniture, and lighting.

But there may certainly be problems with half of a building following campus regulations and the other half following the Foundation’s policies.

“For the students that the University is working with, they’ll follow the same policies as anybody living in a residence hall and code of conduct in the Swataney,” said Yost.

“The students renting from us will follow the same guidelines that they would in college park of hot point commons. It’s just like living off campus,” explained Marketing Director of the University Foundation, Anne Detter.

If renting from the University Foundation, rates start at $600 per month for a four bedroom, and a two bedroom. If you want a single bedroom, it will cost $750 a month without a den, and with a den, it will run for $875 a month.

If renting from the University, rates start at $3,758 per semester for a four bedroom and a 1 bedroom. Two bedroom apartments run for $2,600 per semester.

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