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Remembering a Shippensburg University Alumnus

Brooke Fiorentino’s tragic experience with heroin.

April 28, 2016

By: Eric Davies

Brooke Fiorentino

According to the CDC, the rate of opiate overdose related deaths has increased by 137 percent since the year 2000, and Shippensburg is no exception.

“Heroin is not a recreational drug, it is a deadly drug. It’s killing people. Brooke didn’t want to die, she just wanted to feel better,” Lynne Bishop told us.

The photos that cover the shelves of Lynne bishop’s hair salon are now all she has of her daughter, Brooke Fiorentino, taken too soon because of heroin. Brooke got addicted living in York with her twin sister Alyssa. The girls had started shutting themselves in their apartment, and were experimenting with prescription painkillers, and escalated to street heroin, because of how cheap it is.

The family intervened when the twins’ father found a methadone pill in one of their containers.

The girls both went to rehab facilities in different cities.

“Brooke did really well, she stayed sober for nine, ten months, and she relapsed. And she went back to a detox center but she couldn’t stay so she went to a recovery house in York. She left there early and went to a friend’s house and used. She died of an overdose,” said Lynne.

It was February 24th, 2015, when Brooke passed out and died on a friend’s couch and was neglected there for four hours before anybody called 9-1-1. More than three hundred people attended her funeral. Brooke’s mother informed us that two of the girls who attended her funeral have since died from heroin overdoses.

Her funeral’s guestbook is a written reminder of the senseless loss brought on by heroin addiction.

Brooke’s sister Alyssa, now clean joins their mother in speaking out and raising awareness about the heroin crisis.

If you or anybody you know is struggling with a drug addiction, please contact the connection alcohol and other drug program at 717-477-1164.

All communications are kept confidential and students will not get in trouble for sharing alcohol or drug use with a connection program staff member.

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