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Prepping for Your Future

Use the summer to work ahead

May 3, 2016

By: Marina Barnett


SHIPPENSBURG– Finals are on their way out and summer is on its way in. Just because students get a break from school work doesn’t mean they should take a vacation from preparing for their future.

Professor for the Grove College of Business, Dr. Irma Hunt suggests that students come up with a summer plan, “I would say start with a summer plan and that would include hopefully, having an internship or a job that you could add to your resume.” 

If a student has an internship secured, that’s great. But, if they don’t have an internship, they can still prep for their future career by shadowing or volunteering. Assistant Director to the Career Community and Engagement Center (the CCEC) Sarah McDowell says, “Summer is a great time for exploration, because if you’re not taking classes and you’re just working a part-time job, you do have the extra time and flexibility to learn about the field you want to get into, so definitely internships, volunteering, or informational interviews in the summer time will help you for you career.” Shadowing at a local place with their career is a great option for networking.

The CCEC is open all summer from 8am-4pm to aid students with their resumes, cover letters, portfolios, etc. If students aren’t close enough to walk in, they are available to meet with them through Skype or email. Students should be keeping up to date with their resumes and look for opportunities to add to them all summer.

In addition to working on resumes, reading is very important. Dr. Hunt suggests that business students read The Origins of Business, Money, and Markets by Keith Roberts and The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman to brush up on the business world.

In the midst of the hard work in prepping for their future, students should also take the time to unplug and be creative. Taking earbuds off, turning phones off and being alone with their own thoughts is a good way to come up with new ideas for their future.

By whatever means you use this summer, take a trip in prepping for your future.



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