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Ship Alum Passing Olympic Flame in Rio


Mack holding the Rio 2016 logo in San Francisco two years ago

Comm/Journ alumni to take part in torch relay

June 16, 2016

By: Darby Sells

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Shippensburg University will be represented by a torch bearer in the 2016 Rio Olympics. On July 15, 2016, those chosen by an Olympic committee will take turns carrying torches through Rio. Allowing the Olympic flame to be seen through the host country is a warm up event for the opening ceremony on August 5, 2016. Each torch bearer will take turns running 200 meter slots through the country carrying specific torches.

Eduardo Mack, 1987 Shippensburg University alumni, has been given the honor to run with one of the Olympic torches. Mack is no stranger to Rio or the Olympics. Currently working for Cisco in Brazil as a Marketing and Communications Lead, Mack is dedicated to the company’s sponsorship of the 2016 Rio Olympics. He previously worked for Ernst & Young as a sponsor and Globo Television in the corporate area located in Rio.

“I was very engaged with the Rio 2007 Pan-American Games, a regional kind of second-tier Olympics, also in the communications and marketing area,” Mack said.

Embratel, a strategic partner of Cisco, sponsors the torch relay and were entitled to spots, some of which were shared with clients and partners. Mack was one of the lucky ones
chosen to participate in the event.


Mack receiving the Outstanding Young Alumnus Award in 1997.

“This opportunity crowns with great style almost 10 years working in marketing and communications in sports,” Mack said.

When asked how he is preparing to be a torchbearer, Mack said, “It doesn’t take
much to run with it. It’s more about the honor, the privilege and a contribution to making the Games possible.”

While carrying the torch, Mack hopes to represent the colleagues who have worked alongside him over the years. The opportunity gave Mack a chance to reflect on what he has accomplished so far, the places he’s worked and studied, and the people that got him to where he is today.

“Therefore, when I run, I will be running for Ship, for my great professors, roommates, and friends in general,” Mack concluded.

Mack will run in the city of Curitiba, located in the south of Brazil, on July 15.

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