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APSCUF aims for faculty to get fair contract

Faculty vote may authorize strike for schools throughout PASSHE system.

Shippensburg- After working without a contract for over a year the Association for Pennsylvania State College and University Facilities (APSCUF), ship’s faculty union, are demanding a change. A vote being held this week in Dauphin Humanities Center gives Ship’s faculty a chance to state their opinions on the matter.

Dr. Kim Garris, Shippensburg’s APSCUF spokes person hopes a new contract will come before a strike takes place.

“We came back to school last year without a contract,” said Garris. “We worked in good faith for the year under the assumption that the state system would work with us and we would negotiate, compromise, and come to a decision that would be good for all. That didn’t happen. The state didn’t bother to negotiate with us and continued that way right through the spring. At that time we decided to strike in the spring for the good of the students. Contract negotiations have not gone well all summer to the point that our leadership has asked us to authorize a strike.”

The vote being held September 7th – 9th asks the faculty whether they will authorize the APSCUF state leadership to call a strike. A strike could mean students can expect to miss class for an undisclosed amount of time.

Fourteen schools in the PASCHE system will be voting on this decision and the results will come on Monday September 12th.

“Striking is one tool and if we have to use it we will,” said Garris. “We don’t want to, but if we have to we will.

Shippensburg students can attend a student information meeting hosted by APSCUF faculty Monday September 12th at 7 in room 151 of Dauphin Humanities Center to learn more about the voting and possible strike.


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