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Convenient CUB Updates

Our five year plan is up and the cycle of updating has begun.

By: Rebecca Masterson

September 10, 2016

SHIPPENSBURG- Based off of annual CUB surveys that go out in January the senate and student senate teamed up. There have been new games installed, well placed charging stations, and water bottle filling stations. With the short time these improvements have been a part of the CUB they are showing a very positive response.


A 22-foot shuffleboard was put in the Red Zone where the old entertainment spot used to be. They have also installed three new TV’s and are expecting a 75-inch TV to be arriving soon. Then after a review of the game room they have replaced the PS3’s with brand new PS4’s!


Across from the Red Zone you are able to charge up you and your devices. A new water bottle filling station and charging station have been put in right next to each other. The water bottle filling station has been in the CUB for two months now and has saved over 1,000 water bottles already! It not only fills your water bottle up quickly but also counts how many bottles it has filled up. The charging stations don’t only have the equipment to charge your phone, but also your tablet. With a variety of charging cords there is surely one there for you and whoever else needs to charge their devices.


When planning these installments the senate and student senate were putting the students wants first. So whether you need more water, your phone is dying, or just want a place to hang out with friends come to CUB and experience these wonderful new editions put in for you.

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