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APSCUF Rallies for a FAIR Contract

Faculty calls the PASSHE board to negotiate now

October 6, 2016

By: Marina Barnett


HARRISBURG– Today more than 500 faculty members rallied outside the Board of Governors meeting at Dixon College in Harrisburg. They walked with signs that read “We are not teaching machines”  and chanted “we want a contract now!”

APSCUF, the state’s faculty union, has authorized  a strike date for October 19 if they aren’t happy with the negotiations. They’ve gone over 19 months without a contract and are eager to negotiate with the state, as long  as it’s fair.

It was loud on the outside, but quiet on the inside as APSCUF members spoke to the Board of Governors. They wanted to tell their own stories, and have the board see their faces.


One of the possibilities in the new contract is to reduce adjunct faculty’s salary by 20%. APSCUF says this is ridiculous and is standing up for their c0-workers.

If professors strike, they won’t get paid, or have health insurance. Shippensburg University’s APSCUF chapter president Sara Laskowski said that the situation could mean life or death for faculty who rely on the insurance or whose dependents rely on the insurance for medical treatments like chemotherapy.

PASSHE says they can’t budge because they simply don’t have the funding to provide what APSCUF is asking for.

Neither side wants to strike, but they will do what they have to.





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