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SU Alum Behind Viral Deer Video

SU Alum captures video of a cross-country runner getting hit by a deer during meet

By: Marina Barnett

November 19, 2016

FROSTBURG, MD– On Tuesday night when Shippensburg University alum and Frostburg State University Assistant Cross Country/ Track and Field coach, Eric Bologa posted a video he took over the weekend of a deer literally running into a cross country runner to Facebook, he thought that it may get some attention. He was hesitant at first because he didn’t want to embarrass the runner, Justin DeLuzio from Gwynedd Mercy University , “A few hours after I posted it though I discovered we had mutual friends and I got in touch with him. He’s all for it and wanted a copy for himself.”

Later, Bologa found out that this was DeLuzio’s final race of his senior year, “Honestly, I’m glad he’s soaking this in and having so much fun with it. All I did was hold up my phone, but he was thrown into the air by a deer and then ran over two more miles, which is incredibly impressive.”


What he didn’t expect was for it to go viral. The video got immediate reactions as friends started to share the video, but all of Bologa’s social media accounts were set to private, so people who weren’t friends with him couldn’t see the post, “I thought ‘this is boring,’ so I set it to friends of friends. Then I started to see the number of views on it and how people responded so I really leaned into it and set it so that the whole world could see it.”

By the next day, the video had over 3,000 views, which Bologa thought was impressive. What he didn’t know was that was just the start of it. “Another Frostburg State assistant coach had a friend who worked for a running website. He told me he could get in touch with him and I said he should.” When Bologa got home from practice that night, he realized it was going viral. Now the video has more than 10,000,000 views!

“The first really big request for permission I got was from ESPN, so that was mind blowing. After that, I was blown away  when I started getting requests from California news stations and calls from Florida News Station. Other crazy ones were Fox Sports, Time, and TMZ even contacted me about it. Then yesterday when I saw Buzzfeed had an article about it I freaked out.”

The video has even made its way around the world in countries like Germany, Australia and Denmark, “It’s just crazy that all these people have seen this short video that I posted.”

Bologa has managed to stay humble during the storm of attention, and says he is soaking it all in because he knows it will only last a few days, “It’s just insane to think that it spread so wide! And honestly, I’m just thrilled they, mostly, all managed to spell my last name correctly.”


Bologa, ’15 gradute of Shippensburg University is attending Frostburg State University for his Masters in Education to pursue a career in school counseling.




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