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Exotic Animals

Learn what care is required to keep one exotic rescue up and running

By: Amanda Trievel

SHIPPENSBURG- Lions, tigers, and bears oh my! When seeing exotic animals at the zoo that is normal but, seeing them in someones back yard is another story.


The East Coast Animal Rescue is a non-profit exotic animal sanctuary located in Fairfield, PA. The unique sanctuary is home to over 40 species. The rescues goals are:

  1. Provide a safe haven for these magnificent animals, many of whom have experienced a lifetime of displacement from their natural habitat and, in some cases, horrible mistreatments.
  2. Offer education to the public about the special needs of captive exotic animals who are unable to help themselves.
  3. Fundraise to keep the rescue operational.

The rescue is promoting these animals not as pets, but rather to provide clear examples of the consequences of human self-interest and interference in the animals’ lives.


The survival rate among animals who are trapped, transported, and sold in pet stores is terribly low. In many cases, only one out of ten “pets” survives the trip from jungle to human home.

Donations, and volunteers are what helps to keep the rescue going. The Rescue gives tours Saturday and Sunday 11:00 a.m-5:00 p.m through October (weather permitting). Admission for adults is $10 and children $5 and children under 2 are for free.

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