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SHIP Magazine

By: Amanda Trievel

How SHIP magazine does its publication

SHIPPENSBURG- With more than over 65,000 readers the Ship Magazine is a way for alumni, retired staff, and parents to keep updated with what is going on at Shippensburg University. The magazine is published three times a year with the most recent magazine coming out in March. The process is pretty long but perfection is key.

First there is a production meeting with all the different departments like alumni, foundation, sports and any other department with a story idea. Then the interviews start happening while piecing the stories together. With several rounds of editing, once the stories are ready to go along with photos they get sent to their designer. With some more back and forth talking and, of course, more editing. Then after that point everything gets uploaded to a printer which takes about two to three weeks. Then after all that a beautiful copy is in hand.

Liz Kemmery, Director of Creative services, with a laughed said, “It’s kind of a staff of one.” Free lance writers to interns and even the communication staff help with the whole process. They get plenty of help but Liz said, “It’s always nice to have several set of eyes look at something before it goes out.”

If interested in an internship you can e-mail they are always looking for help and new story ideas!

To check out the SHIP magazine online click here.


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