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Student Government Advocates for Students

By: Joe Rodriguez

SHIPPENSBURG- The Student Government plays a bigger role on campus than you might think.

The organization has been a part of Shippensburg University since 1962. The 30-student group focuses on ensuring student representation on campus. President Traci Moyer says there is so much more to Student Government than managing clubs on campus.traci1

“We make decisions on campus, we form a bunch of different committees on campus like food services, Greek life, and athletics committees, so we can better serve the students by representing their voices in particular areas of campus,” Moyer said.

As president, her most important duty is to listen to the students. “I hear the student concerns and I take it where it needs to go, whether that would be administrative level or a committee level,” she said.

Another important duty of the Student Government is to act as a resource for students. Moyer said the group can connect students with faculty that they might not have been in contact before, “It gives an outlet for students to talk to administrative level professionals and staff that maybe they wouldn’t have known to turn to unless they went through student government.”

Last semester, the Student Government implemented a new governmental body. Moyer said the new house of representatives manages all 150 student groups on campus. “House of representatives takes a leader from each of those organizations and gives them a greater voice on campus that we can hear directly.”

One way that students can get their voices heard is to join the student senate. All students can get involved in senate committees or run for office. The elections for senator positions are later this semester.

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