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Ship Comedy Club

Club Provides Another Form of Entertainment in Shippensburg
By: Brendan Leahy
SHIPPENSBURG – The Marriott Hotel in Shippensburg is the home of the Shippensburg Comedy Club. The club provides people in the region with another option for weekend entertainment
Club Manager Seth Knorr says he saw a desire for more entertainment after moving into the area, and hopes it will keep growing in numbers.
“There’s just not a whole lot to do in Shippensburg entertainment-wise, other than the Luhr’s Center will occasionally have a show in there. But nothing specific for comedy that’s set up.”
Despite the small-town, intimate club setting, Shippensburg Comedy Club has been able to provide big names for audiences. And for those who aren’t sure that a comedy show is for them, Seth Knorr says people should “Just try it out.”
Last weekend, Earl David Reed headlined at the club alongside his co-host, Nipsey. The two host “The People’s Morning Show” on 105.7 The X in Harrisburg. Reed has performed across the country, but is partial to performing in Shippensburg.
“Shippensburg Comedy Club, even though new on the scene, could possibly be one of the best comedy clubs out there. In a short time, it has become one of my favorite places to play,” says Reed.
For more information, check out their website or on Facebook

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