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Gain New Friendships with the D.I.V.A.S.

By: Chavez Ortiz

April 6, 2017

SHIPPENSBURG- the D.I.V.A.S. group is one of the many organizations that run through the Multi-Student Cultural Affairs organization that is located in Gilbert Hall on campus. The D.I.V.A.S. are a women empowerment group that primarily focuses on women of color, but they are welcome to be joined by any woman on campus.

The original name of the group was “Women of Color,” and has been changed to D.I.V.A.S. for ten years. The D.I.V.A.S. originated out of Gilbert Hall and it had little to no resources inside the building and everything was put together with the help of the students themselves. The group has grown and become one of the many multi-cultural groups on Shippensburg campus.

“On Friday we had a show that showcased woman’s talents, so it was an all-women’s show. We had a woman DJ, host, singers, rappers, and all that good stuff,” Shadiyah Payne, one of the three chairs said.

The D.I.V.A.S. host events throughout the semester to bring the women on campus together in a peaceful and meaningful way. At these events the women of Ship campus voice their own opinions and ideas that could better any issues they have. Issues about their school work or personal life, the women are all respectful to one another.

“The women genuinely like each other, we are concerned about how everyone’s doing in classes, how is your mental health, what you need help with type of things,” Payne added.

The group name D.I.V.A.S. is an acronym for some inspiring words that these women came up with. The “D” stands for developing and dignity, “I” stands for inspiring intellect, “V” stands for voicing victory, “A” stands for acquiring assertiveness and “S” stands for satisfying self.

Any woman on campus is welcome to join the D.I.V.A.S. group on campus. The women’s group meets every other Tuesday in Gilbert Hall at 4:30 p.m. If the meeting contradicts with anyone’s schedule they can always visit Gilbert Hall anytime and speak to the Director of Multi-Student Cultural Affairs, Diane Jefferson.

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