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Technology Fee 

Fee provides students with up-to-date technology in programs
By: Brendan Leahy
SHIPPENSBURG UNIVERSITY – The Technology Fee was initiated in 2002 by the PASSHE Board of Governors, as a way to update and maintain technology on campuses. Revenue from the Technology Fee goes directly back into the hands of students in the form of computers, printers, projectors, and other classroom technology. It also helps provide students with specialized equipment in their field.
“One of the goals of the Tech Fee is to prepare students for the workforce. To prepare them in terms of using technology here that they would actually use in the industry,” explains Jamie Rhine, Associate Director of Technology Support Services.
Faculty can also apply for Technology Fee revenue. Faculty members write proposals, which are considered by the Academic Technology Review Committee. The committee consists of faculty and students who hear the proposals and pass them along to the Provost for approval.
Recent projects include digital heart rate monitors for use by Exercise Science, and iPads that were jointly proposed by the Earth Science and Biology Departments.
“They’re gathering tons and tons of data out in the field, with a device that is very easy to carry around, very lightweight,” Rhine stated. “And when they get back to campus, they can actually analyze that data in a meaningful way.”
To see a full list of projects that have been funded by the Technology Fee, visit To be considered for the Academic Technology Review Committee, e-mail

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