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ACT Campaign Promotes Change at Ship

ACT campaign developed to promote change in ShippensburgACT logo

By Myaah Morgan

SHIPPENSBURG–The Ask, Communicate and Teach Tolerance (ACT) campaign’s purpose is to confront the uncomfortable topics of racial inequalities, identity and differences among people.


Racial injustices, division and diversity is a part of history that is not often talked about. The ACT campaign’s purpose is to change that. The Office of Social Equity at Shippensburg University has a goal to “assist the University in creating and achieving a diverse and inclusive campus community,” according to its mission statement.


The ACT campaign’s goal is to start the uncomfortable conversation and foster changes both on campus and in the community. “We want to educate and break down those stereotypes that those who reside in Shippensburg have about students of color,” says Jiyana Wright, the Community Outreach Chair for the ACT campaign. “We also want to break down the stereotypes that those of us who live on campus have of Shippensburg residents,” Wright continues.


ACT’s goals are to promote racial understanding, build solidarity and educate. Amending the racial intimidation policy, workshops with guest speakers and even a general education course is being proposed to help promote the campaign and make changes on campus. ACT members also want to incorporate discussions in new student orientation.


“It’s not just a black and white thing. It’s a people thing,” says Wright. The campaign is not exclusive to race and ethnic issues. It extends to anyone that deals with injustices and inequalities.


“The goal of the ACT program is ultimately to educate and to build solidarity amongst the students, faculty and administration,” said Wright. For more information and updates on ACT visit


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