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Cumberland Valley Trailhead Centerpiece has Arrived

Boxcar centerpiece arrives and is under construction

By Jake Rohm


SHIPPENSBURG – The Cumberland Valley trailhead has arrived and is said to be the centerpiece of Shippensburg Station.

Shippensburg Township and the Rotary Club have jointly funded to renovate a 1956 railcar, originally used on the Penn Central Railroad.  Once the renovation is completed, the railcar will be the focal point of Shippensburg Station, a multi-use heritage and performance base, at the corner of Fort and Earl Street.

The interior of the boxcar will be repaired into a museum, giving guests a look into the history of the railroad through video presentations and railroad artifacts.  Around the outside of the boxcar will be a deck used for musical and other performances.

“Our goal here is to build a site that is not just about Railroad heritage, but can also be used by community groups and students for performances and festivals,” said Dr. Allen Dietrich-Ward, Rail Trail Council Member.

The project still has plenty of work to be done in the upcoming months.

“Our plan is over the Spring and the Fall to begin rehabilitating this boxcar, sanding down and painting the exterior, and putting it on tracks on the pad,” said Dietrich-Ward.

The goal is to have the site finished by mid-April for a planned TrailFest which would feature art exhibits, bends, local wine, beer and cider and a series of races on the trail.



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