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Sorority Lineage at Ship

By: Katie Sweigart


SHIPPENSBURG –Greek Life at Shippensburg is bringing families together. And for two Ship students, joining a sorority has done just that.

Elle Krot, a sophomore in Alpha Sigma Tau here at Ship, is a legacy of her sorority. Nearly 30 years ago, Krot’s mom became a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau, more commonly known as AST, at Ship, as well. Although Krot was initially against joining any sorority, her mom’s experiences in AST convinced her to rethink Greek Life altogether.

“Honestly sorority life wasn’t for me at first. And she’s telling me all these stories about how she met her best friends. And her sisters were all in her wedding[…]and now I met my best friends,” Krot said.

Now that Krot is in AST, she feels like she has a stronger bond with her mom than ever before.

“It’s pretty cool how once I got in, my mom was the first person I called. And I said, ‘Mom’– I didn’t say I got in– I said, ‘You’re my sister now.’”

Similarly, Junior Lexi Magee, is able to share sisterhood status with her mother after she joined Alpha Phi.

Magee’s mom was in Alpha Phi at Towson University, after starting the chapter at the school nearly 30 years ago.

Like Krot, Magee was uninterested in joining a sorority, especially the same one as her mom. But after checking out Alpha Phi’s rush events, Magee decided to surprise her mom on Bid Day and sharing the good news.

Once receiving her bid, Magee called her mom, saying “I’m not just your daughter anymore, I’m also your sister.” Magee said she used the surprise as an opportunity to get closer with her mom.

Although being a legacy can create a unique experience between a mother and her daughter, Magee explains that joining the same sorority as a family member isn’t always the only option.

According to Magee, you’ll know when you found “the one”.

“Follow where your heart is[…] you’ll know when you’re home.”

If you are interested in joining a Greek organization, or just have a question about Greek Life at Shippensburg, visit the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life in the CUB, room 236


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