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After Hours

By: Sarah Ploof



SHIPPENSBURG–Every Thursday from 9pm- 1am, Fuse, the on-campus fellowship group holds After Hours at the Shippensburg First Church of God Annex.

They serve all kinds of snacks and desserts like, milkshakes, coffee, tea and lattes; all free of charge.

After Hours was started about 10 years ago when students gathered at a house in Shippensburg on a Thursday night to hang out and have milkshakes. Advisor Antonio Morton hopes that getting the word out will bring more people.

Shippensburg University Junior, Ashlee Fickel said “After Hours basically is just kinda a place that people can come and hangout, play games, get free milkshakes, and snacks. We really try to make it a safe space for people, so that they can go somewhere and just have a place to hangout.”

Fickel says that students who attend have a variety of interests from marching band, to sports, to art. Even people who just live in town and don’t attend the University come to hang out.

Although After Hours is run by a fellowship group you do not need to be Christian to attend. “We try to keep it as relaxed as possible, so it doesn’t feel pressured for students who may not be a Christian or anything like that doesn’t matter at all; we still want them to come and just have fun and be here.” says Ashlee.

With more involvement and interest they hope to expand to more nights and maybe more events in the future.

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