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Whitney Thore from TLC’s “My Big, Fat, Fabulous Life” visits Shippensburg

By Sarah Ploof

November 16, 2017


On Tuesday November 14th, Whitney Thore from TLC’s “My Big, Fat, Fabulous Life” visited campus as part of her No Body Shame Campaign and to share her incredible journey. Whitney grew up as a dancer and says, “ I was thin in hindsight, you know very thin, but at the time I never really felt like I was thin enough, and I struggled with eating disorders from the time I was in middle school.”

A few years after going to college Whitney gained a lot of weight and found out she had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). After hearing this diagnosis Whitney recalls, “I felt like my life was over. I was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I was deeply depressed, and I almost failed out of school.”

A few years later after returning home from living in Korea, she lost 100 pounds, but didn’t feel like it changed anything. She then realized that weight loss was not the answer to the problem which she felt was her body from a young age.

After discovering body positivity, she made a dance video which went viral. She was contacted by many talk shows, and people were drawn to her story. She then made a TV show on TLC called, “My Big, Fat, Fabulous Life”, and wrote a book titled “I do It with the Lights On.”

Whitney claims that some of her darkest times were in college.  “I really like to be able to come to college campuses, and talk to people who are at that point, and offer them an alternative to the kinds of things that we hear everyday about how you are supposed to look and how you are supposed to live and there are so many pressures when you’re at this age.”

While at Shippensburg University, Whitney taught a dance class, hosted a meet and greet, and gave a presentation about her journey to loving herself. Wherever she goes, she spreads body positivity, and emphasizes No Body Shame.


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