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Changes for Little Princess Playhouse

By: Gillian Mencken


SHIPPENSBURG– Doctor Leitner of the theater department, has adopted Stewart Hall, as home for, Little Princess Playhouse. The program allows Ship students to perform as their favorite Disney characters in front of kids in the community. Doctor Leitner and his wife, Gretchen have been directing LLP for almost a decade, but recently had to pack up and move.

Shippensburg officials informed the couple that they plan to remodel and rename Stewart Hall. There is a possibility of it becoming an alumni building, but no confirmation has been made.

Members of the LLP hustled for hours removing all costumes, props, and decorations across the street to Memorial Auditorium. Although everything has been stored here for now, the Leitners refuse to perform any LLP shows in the new building.

The Luhrs performing art center was also offered to the Leitners as a possible performing space, but none could replace their beloved Stewart Hall.

Until a new space is found, Little Princess Playhouse will no longer be offered. The expressed their wanting to begin again, but they are unsure when that will be.

Stewart Hall has been more than an office for the couple, who’s 13 year-old daughter, Rose, has been preforming with the company since she was 4. Starring in 21 LLP shows, much of her childhood was spent in the building.

There are still many unanswered questions regarding what will become of Stewart Hall and the Little Princess Playhouse. Only one things for sure, the Leitners will never stop fighting for their program.


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