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President Carter to be inducted to the Clarion Sports Hall of Fame

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Dr. Carter was a hurdler for the Clarion Women’s Track & Field team from 1981-1984.

By: Matt Klinedinst

SHIPPENSBURG- Clarion University announced that SU President Laurie Carter will be enshrined in the 30th Annual Clarion Sports Hall of Fame.

Dr. Carter was a hurdler for the Clarion Women’s Track & Field team from 1981-1984.  She was a two-time national qualifier in the 100 and 400 meter hurdles. She also held the Clarion school record for the 400 meter hurdles running it in 1:05.43, a record which stood for 26 years.

“I thought because I didn’t become an All-American, I would never have the opportunity,” said Dr. Carter. “So when Rich called, he started telling me about my record and one would think you would remember your record, but it was a little bit ago.”

Carter said hurdling is a metaphor to her life, stating that, “there are going to be obstacles, but you’ve got to be prepared to go over them.”

She joins her sister, Taryn Carter, who was inducted into the Clarion Sports Hall of Fame in 2014. She also joins former Olympic gold medalist wrestler, Kurt Engle, and current University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball coach, John Calipari.

She will be inducted with four of her former classmates on May 4th.

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