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Top Gun- He’s The Main Event

February 22, 2018


By Dani Banda

SHIPPENSBURG- Last Week the University held a Boxing invitational, bringing people from schools in Pennsylvania to the Henderson gymnasium. Tylik Guilford, for the second time showed as this years main event.

Tylik is a senior and majors in social work here at Shippensburg University. He has been boxing for five years and competing for four.

When he was younger, Tylik would find himself getting angered easily. Throughout these years, he has looked to his coach–Travis Wylie–as an inspiration with always knowing what to say. “Controlled anger” are two words Coach once said to Tylik, and they have stuck with him since. With that advice in the back of his head, Tylik’s able to remain calm in the ring.

After his years of hard work, it paid off, winning him his last collegiate fight. He says it was bittersweet and he’ll “always be a Shippensburg Raider at heart”.

After graduating, Tylik plans to move to San Diego to train and pick up some amateur fights. He’ll further his boxing career in efforts to make it to the 2020 Olympics.


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